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TulipEx industry-leading DACB custodial wallet ensures crypto assets are safe and secure. TulipEx is equipped with a high-level SSL encryption transmission protocol and cold storage to guarantee the confidentiality of user information. With multi-layered encryption and physical protection of hot and cold wallet storage coupled with two-factor authentication methods, TulipEx addresses what matters to you most: Peace of Mind. Now you can buy, sell, earn interest, hold, and trade, and at the same time be assured of Secure Transactions vouched by our robust engineering experts & craftsmen.  

Once you have gotten the hang of doing transactions with TulipEx,  you will definitely be excited for that day when you can cash in on your earnings, so let’s teach you how you can go about Withdrawing from your account.

Log In to www.tulipex.com, type in your user name and password.  On the Home page, in the upper right corner, click “Assets.”  You will be redirected to the next page, a new panel where you will be able to see your Balances, Balance History, and “Withdrawal Address.” 

From the list of Cryptocurrencies on your account, choose from the list and click to select. From that cryptocurrency, type in the value you intend to withdraw. For example, you wanted to withdraw .001 BTC, you then select convert BTC to USD. Just a tip Cryptocurrencies vary from the exchange rate, so maybe it is best to check out the best market value of your cryptocurrency.

Select the mode of payout.  You can also how you would like to transact.  You can use your Debit Card or your Visa or Mastercard.  You will need to provide the necessary bank information to register your chosen card to Withdraw or Cash In. Don’t worry, the TulipEx deposit channels are safe and secure.

After Selecting your mode of payout, indicate the total amount of USD that you want to withdraw.  Click confirm. An email confirmation will be sent to your respective email account. 

You can now check your Bank Account, Online Wallet, or Debit card to check if the transfer is already reflected.

Easy as 1-2-3 in minutes. That how Tulipex works.

For more information visit www.learn.tulipex.com

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