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How to deposit

At TulipEx, you can start with as little as $50 and yet keep your investment secure no matter how big or small they are.  TulipEx has the leading industry DACB custodial wallet that will require you with two-factor authentication and has multi-layer encryption.  Its bunker-protected cold-wallet physical storage keeps everything safe and secure, giving you peace of mind.

After successfully registering and being verified by the TulipEx Accounts Team, you can now Log In to www.tulipex.com, type in your user name and password.  You can now start managing your TulipEx account.

On the Home page, on the upper left corner, click “Buy Crypto.”  There will be a Drop Down.  You can also how you would like to transact.  You can use your Debit Card or your Visa or Mastercard.  You will need to provide the necessary bank information to register your chosen card to deposit. Don’t worry, the TulipEx deposit channels are safe and secure.

Once you have successfully submitted your Debit or Credit card information, fill in the required fields for the exact amount that you would want to Deposit/Trade.  

Remember, invest wisely.  Tap “Confirm” only once you have thoroughly reviewed the information to finalize your Deposit/Trade transaction. Do check your email for the successful transaction confirmation.  The transaction will also be reflected on your TulipEx Wallet.

No sweat right?!  Now you are ready to deposit/trade on the TulipEx Online Cryptocurrency Platform.

For more information, visit learn.tulipex.com

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