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A New World Unfolds Very Soon


A technology platform that empowers, commits to democratize wealth & contributes to the upliftment and the enhancement of life could just be the answer to what everyone is looking forward to especially during these times.   New hope as “A New World Unfolds” here in Manila, Philippines this October 31, 2021.

TulipEx is the global online cryptocurrency exchange platform designed to cater to advance as well as novice users. With TulipEx’s versatile interfaces in both web and mobile apps, it extends its usability with engaging User Experience (UX) allowing users to buy, sell, earn interest, hold and trade.

Backed by blockchain & financial industry experts, TulipEx commits to continually strive to introduce excellent investment opportunities to its clients. Through our partnerships with payment gateway providers, TulipEx users can buy (acquire) crypto coins from over 50+ fiat currencies worldwide.

Our mission is to reach out & influence the global market to convert, adapt and expand the usage of Cryptocurrency into a lifestyle – an investment asset, as a means of payment, to exchange and trade goods and services, to shop with, to dine with, and enjoy as a usability function very soon, ultimately contributing to the democratization of wealth.  Targetting Manila, and then the rest of ASEAN and the World.

Safe and Secure

TulipEx industry-leading DACB custodial wallet ensures crypto assets are safe and secure. TulipEx is equipped with a high-level SSL encryption transmission protocol and cold storage to guarantee the confidentiality of user information. With multi-layered encryption and physical protection of hot and cold wallet storage coupled with two-factor authentication methods, TulipEx addresses what matters to you most: Peace of Mind. Now you can buy, sell, earn interest, hold, and trade, and at the same time be assured of Secure Transactions vouched by our robust engineering experts & craftsmen.  

Professional Services

Behind the TulipEx platform is our Customer Success Services (CSS) group — ready to help and engage you anytime 24×7, in multiple languages over live chat, email, or via support tickets.  Whether you are a beginner or an advanced crypto enthusiast, our support teams are available to guide and assist you.

Never worry, as our TulipEx team is professionally trained, engaging, and efficient. Always keen on the most minute detail and ready to accommodate your concerns 24/7. 

Easy to Use

Our user-friendly interface provides TulipEx novice as well as advanced users with convenient transaction services, including automatic deposits & transfers, buying, selling, earning interest, and trading. TulipEx is so simple to use, and we have designed it to make crypto accessible for everyone.


TulipEx supports multi-terminal operation & seamless integration between desktop & mobile so you can Buy, Sell, Hold and Trade anywhere, anytime globally.

Market Analysis and Research

TulipEx provides you with the tools in aid of technical analysis and market research.  The technical charts provide up to 80+ indicators including popular MACD,  MA, RSI, Stochastic, etc.  With history charts up to 2-5years of backdating to analyze resistance and support levels, correlation opportunities, pullback and breakout, and so on.  Finally, trade-to-win with Livestream data feeds on Top-10 gainers/losers for the day, week, month, and other pertinent data in real-time.

TulipEx Labs

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are evolving technologies such that new and innovative use-cases pop out from industry innovators in areas such as Defi, SmartContracts, AutoInvest, etc.  TulipEx Labs aims to participate, contribute, and introduce innovative concepts and exciting ways of utilizing blockchain in practical usability in our daily lives.

Leveraging on the Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency tokens, let’s work hand in hand to empower the new generation of investors the unbiased access to digital assets they can use to invest (plant), grow (nurture), gain (harvest), and thus contribute to the upliftment and enhancement of life – first here in Manila, Philippines,  Asia, and then, the rest of the world.

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